Credit Education

We have put together a variety of pages that will help educate you about the process of loan borrowing, making you a wiser consumer!

Credit Education

Advantages of Personal Loans

Are you looking to make a high-ticket purchase or take a much needed vacation? Instead of incurring debt on high-interest credit cards or applying for a second mortgage, you can get the cash you necessitate via an unsecured loan. This means that you are not granting the lenders the rights to any specific asset that you own. Personal loans are the easiest way to get fast cash when you need it. 

personal loan advantages

 How to Maximize Your Borrowing Power

If you are in the market for a personal loan, to ensure you obtain the most optimal and affordable loan product for your needs you’ll not only need to shop around prior to submitting your request, you’ll need to make sure your credit score is accurate with up-to-date information and free of errors. There are also steps you can take with your finances that will help you bring any credit score to a higher level.

personal loans maximize borrowing power

 Are Online Loans Safe?

There are literally thousands of websites providing online loans. Getting a loan online is a great convenience that we can walk you through. However, there are several scenarios to be aware of that will help you avoid falling victim for a loan scam or paying more for your loan than you should.

 Loans For Bad Credit

Your credit score (also known as FICO) is the most influential factor of your loan application approval. Even if you are an individual with poor credit, there are things you can do prior to applying for a personal loan to help yourself and your credit score/rating so that lenders will consider you a prime borrower.

personal loans with bad credit

 How Do Interest Rates Work

What kind of interest rate your receive for your personal loans is going to be determined by three major variables. Having knowledge about these factors will not only save you money and time, you will avoid frustration of applying for loans that you do not qualify for.
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 Tips For First Time Borrowers

If you are looking to utilize a personal loan for the first time, computing how much to apply for and for what term (length of time) can be a difficult decision to make.  The information featured will help make the process of determining how much to borrow and for how long simpler.

 Unsecured vs. Secured Loans

It is important that you understand the difference between unsecured and secured loans so that you can utilize the best loan for your needs. Personal loans are usually unsecured loans which benefits you because you don’t have to have assets in order to get the loan.
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 How to Reduce Debt

People typically find themselves in debt as a result of spending more than they earn. And with the current economy, being in debt can have more immediate and long-term effects. Fortunately, getting out of debt is not all that difficult as long as you take the steps to do so and stick to the game-plan!
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 Loan Scams

Loans that require an advance fee in order to achieve financing typically prey on the weakest members of society. These dishonest companies usually guarantee large unsecured personal loans to individuals that are not able to achieve approval for a loan via conventional lending institutions or go after those with minimal financial knowledge.

 Loans Aspects to Avoid

If you have applied for personal loans in the past, then you are probably knowledgeable as to what to look for and what to avoid related to your loan. If you are a first time borrower we can assist you. It would be beneficial to familiarize yourself with the information featured.

 Consequences For Not Paying a Loan

Unsecured loans are labeled as ‘high risk’ loan types by lenders since there is no collateral tied to the loan. If you are unable to make your payments and end up defaulting on your loan, the lender is not protected financially. However, you still will be faced with consequence for defaulting.

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